The Single Life Health Benefits

There are very few people who cherish the thought of going through life without a partner, but they must first find someone before they can begin their journey as part of a couple. Many studies have been done that suggest being married or in a long term relationship is less physically healthy than being single, and there are those people who believe it is because couples feel secure enough to let their looks, grooming and health slide because there is someone who will take care of them no matter how they let themselves go. This is not really true, but there are healthy benefits for people who are still single.

Time Is a Benefit

When two people choose to build a life together, children are often part of the equation. They want to start a family within a secure environment, so they often feel that once their commitment is secure they are ready to produce the next generation. Children are a wonderful investment in the future, but it does take a great deal of time to care for them. Single people generally do not have children, so they have all the time that would be spent in child care to take care of themselves instead of someone else. All that additional times adds up, and it enables them to enjoy the benefits that come with good grooming and healthy living.

The Making of Meals

Gaining weight is often seen as a byproduct of being in a solid relationship, but single people seldom find comfort food as part of their routine. They might eat out more, but they also have more time to prepare a meal. Rather than quickly cooking something that the entire family will enjoy, they can spend more time preparing a healthy meal that will keep the weight in the future. It takes time to plan out and prepare healthy meals, but it also takes the cooperation of those eating the food to make the meal work. Without others to object to healthy foods, the single person has a better chance to eat well.

A Regular Schedule of Exercise

Being single is wonderful when it comes to having a firm schedule, and exercise is an area where singles tend to excel. They do not have to worry about emergency interruptions from sick children or a spouse, so they can choose their time to get fit and stick with it. Their friends and relatives are less likely to call them when emergency situations arise, so they have plenty of leisure time to enjoy a good workout rather than a hurried few minutes before real life intrudes.

There are many benefits to being single, and most of them have to do with the availability of time. While a spouse is there to help in many cases, they also bring their own needs to the relationship. Adding children to the mix of a relationship can further complicate an already busy schedule, so singles are even further ahead when it comes to living a healthy life. They have their own time to life a healthier life, and they need not be concerned about the needs of others.