Embracing The Life of Singledom

In fairy tales and love stories the couple meets, goes through dangerous trials together, and they then live together as a couple happily ever after. Real life is not quite the same, but many people still hope and dream about building a life with someone they can love and cherish forever. Searching for their partner in life takes a great deal of time, so few of them really embrace life without a partner and build the important memories that will help them through the times to come.

The right person at the time

It is generally acknowledge that most people will go through several relationships before they find the right person for a lifetime, but that does not mean the person they are with is not right for them at that time. They should embrace the fact they have found each other instead of worrying about the future, but few people do that. They spend countless hours imagining different life scenarios, and they use the information they glean to decide if the person is right for them forever. Forever is a long time, and life should be enjoyed all along the journey, so those without a permanent partner should learn how to be comfortable being with a temporary partner who is just right for them at that time.

No danger necessary

In fairy tales and modern movies, a couple meets but does not fall in love until they have weathered some great catastrophe. This sounds like an excellent way to test the mettle of a future partner, but it can be tiring as well as dangerous. For those who are not yet ready to settle down to home and hearth, no danger is really necessary when dating. They can simply meet a person, go out for a few hours of fun, and then they can either continue seeing them or move on. The no danger rule is a great one for those who know the other person is not going to be their life partner.

To share or not

When two people are building a permanent relationship, they know that everything significant they do will have an impact on their future. Those who are still in the phase of being a bit selfish when it comes to sharing might face consequences if they fail to share with their forever partner. For those who want to spend some time being a bit selfish, choosing to date a temporary partner is their best bet for avoiding consequences down a long and winding road.

No dry spells

Singles usually bemoan the dry spells in their dating life, and it is during these times they are most prone to marry in haste. For those who just want a nice night out on the town, fun dates from dating agencies are readily available. There are no hassles about forming a relationship, and the entire evening can be devoted to experiencing the moment rather than planning for the future.

It is not always easy to be single, but embracing life without a partner can be a time of fun. For those who are still looking for a forever relationship, the best way to find it is to stop looking so hard.